Monday, November 9, 2009

First plays of Jet Set and Tobago...

Our hellish move is done and I finally got a chance to play my birthday gifts from over two weeks ago. Just a quick note about each and some pics for now. Reviews later if things ever slow down...

Jet Set

Okay, so this is like the route-building of Ticket To Ride combined with the tight money management of Acquire. Sounds like an awesome combo, right? Well, I think so. It was pretty fun and the game went over fairly well with the four of us. I'm just not sure about the depth of strategy. Will need a few games to decide.

Having said that, this puppy was only 24 bucks which is less than half the price of TTR lately. And the component quality is great. For that amount, it is worth it either way!


This is the coolest game I've played in awhile and it feels totally different than anything in my collection right now. A game of treasure hunting which is sort of like a deduction game but not really. You cleverly play clue cards to narrow down the location of treasures on the board and then drive your jeeples over to scoop them up (jeep + meeple = jeeple!) Lots of fun and surprisingly tactical, I am very anxious to play this game. Lots of room for clever moves and a gorgeous board and pieces - check out the easter island statues in the picture!

Definite Spiel des Jahres contender for 2010 (along with Eine Frage Der Ahre, of course). Can't wait for my next game....


  1. Mags, Tobago is awesome! Definitely worth owning.

  2. hmm cool.... I will have to see if I can demo it at the company :D