Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New board game cafes opening in the Waterloo region...

Board games have definitely hit the mainstream and our little corner of Ontario is seeing it as well (must be since I moved here....)  Two board game spots are opening and my co-blogger Daryl and good friend Ray are both going to be serving at one of them:  Games on Tap in Waterloo.  Family and friend previews start this weekend and I may try to sneak in and take some pictures.  Best part?  The place is licensed.  AWE-SOME!

Check out their Facebook page here and the local news story here with info about both locations, the other being The Adventurers' Guild down in Kitchener. 

(As an aside, sorry for the lack of posts - studying for actuarial exam numba 2 so drowning in Financial Mathematics till mid-August.  Ugh.)