Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some pics from the latest game night...

I'm away for the next couple weeks back in BC doing what has become a yearly pilgrimage to visit the family. We're bringing three brand new Tichu decks with us and I plan to leave a whole lot of new Tichu players in BC!

Here's some pics from last Monday at the University of Waterloo... Talk soon!!!

A game of Roll Through The Ages...

The latest expansion of RFTG... too complicated now for my tastes.

A game of the delightful and devious Clans.

A rather nasty game of Tigris and Euphrates on the go...

Okay, Dungeon Lords is pretty but HOLY COMPLICATED!!!! I'm not even interested...

Oh, the disease...

I don't play Pandemic enough. It's a hoot.

Ra. Classic.


  1. Absolutely agree with you about Dungeon Lords and Race for the Galaxy...both overly complicated, I avoid both games whenever I see them. Who has time to read all that text and interpret those symbols? Bleech!

  2. I must admit I used to feel something similar about Race for the Galaxy.

    The confusion mostly stemmed from trying to both learn how to play and how to predict the opponents moves.

    So I decided to spend a night playing it and after about 3 games I had a good handle on what I was supposed to be doing, regardless of what my opponent was doing. And after a total of 5 games, I was getting proficient enough to predict what actions my opponents would choose.

    During that time, I learned what all the symbols in Race for the Galaxy meant. The symbols have a language (iconography?) of their own, which is fairly consistent, just takes a few minutes to understand.

    On the other hand, I still can't handle Search and Prestige too well. Still working on that.