Friday, July 30, 2010

A call to action...

Kevin Schlabach over at Seize Your Turn has a few great ideas about how to get more people spending more time playing modern board games and less time sitting on their butts watching TV.  You should really check out his Play In Public campaign if you feel like modern board gaming doesn't get the recognition it deserves.  Or maybe, like me, you're sick of going to toy stores and only ever finding Monopoly clones on the shelves.  You should definitely check it out...


  1. I think it took a month but we finally played Bridges of Shangri-La with three players. Okay, I got my nine bucks worth . . . out of just that one play. I don't know if the game is awesome (it might be), but that session was awesome. I can't imagine playing it with four players because I'd be in agony waiting that much longer for my next turn.

  2. could you two make me wanna play it more?? brats

  3. Great! Now, go play it in public... ;)

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