Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Haven't posted in awhile..

Sorry, been off the radar for awhile.  Life has been quite busy and the gaming quite minimal.  But I'm heading back to BC for a week with the family so I can hopefully get some time and pics in then.  Word has it that my mother is obsessed with Dominion now.  Should be a good trip.

Happy fall...


  1. I read your Asara review and it got me thinking about it lately. I set aside cash to buy something, but nothing has really grabbed whenever I've walked into my FLGS. They do have Asara now and I was pretty turned off by all the mixed reviews a while back. You say the scoring is like El Grande, but what do the mechanics remind you of? Reading about it reminded me of Capitol - that old Alan Moon (I think?) game. Would you agree?

  2. Hmmmm.... Asara. We've played it a lot lately. The scoring reminds me a lot of the old game of the year Manhattan. Players build towers in 5 different colours and points are awarded to the best and second best in the 5 colours. Alan Moon uses this a lot in games of his like Airlines and Union Pacific.

    The play itself feels like a worker placement game but a bit different. Like Agricola meets Hearts (follow suit if you can). It's a strange combo but it works extremely well and makes choices challenging but not as painful as Gric or Caylus. With the advanced rules, I think this game is a hit. It's about an hour and the turns are tight enough that you'll be planning out the 20 minutes much like Princes of Florence.

    I quite love it. But it's not as deep as some of the biggies like Agricola, more like Stone Age. I think it's totally worth the money. But everyone's taste is different....

  3. Oh, she's not obsessed with it... we only played it once. But I'm sure by next Tuesday you can call her that! :) Miss you, can't wait to see you. Wish I didn't have to work Friday but I should be there by 6.

  4. Thanks for your insight, Eric. I think your opinion means more to me because you've played it a lot and not just once. I'm looking into this one.

  5. Wildly off Topic.. but hey Eric have you seen or heard about this with Z-Man games.. thought you might wanna post about it for your readers (and for yourself as well)
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  6. Yep, saw that Magda! And I entered.