Monday, June 4, 2012

A weekend at Origins...

We just got back late last night from Columbus and another great game convention.  This time two gaming friends of ours joined us which gave my partner some relief.  He likes board games, but not enough to spend all day swooning over and playing them.

Goa with the guys
As usual, I bought a bunch including the new Z-Man Games re-print of Goa, which was utterly abstract but thoroughly engaging, and Morels, a lovely independently produced 2-player card game about harvesting mushrooms, which I'm dying to try.  There were tons of booths set up in the trade show and Mayfair Games had a major presence.

Collapsed Saturday night on the giant Settlers of America rug/game board
We also had some great meals and wandered the lovely city.  And for the second year in a row, I had chocolate-covered bacon with my breakfast (I think a visit to The Jury Room will now be an annual pilgrimage.)
Asmodee's gorgeous new version of Evo is streamlined and ridiculously fun.
Overall, a great day and much more enjoyable with friends who are willing and wanting to game the entire day away.  I think it'll be a longer visit next year....

Best Origins-themed drink menu ever at Barley's Brewpub
Kelly, Daryl, and Shane - this is for you!

Amazing miniature tables as always

The haul, including Friday for my brilliant mother


  1. Morels is alot of fun! Thematically having butter, cider, pans, & baskets show up in the forest is a little wierd, but mechanically along with all the 'shrooms in the forest, it provides for a variety of interesting and tense decisions . .

    The designer/publisher has good customer service too; there was one card in my deck that had a black/non-printed beauty-mark like spot on it; I'd always know that was a Lawyer's Wig whwnever seeing it . . he's mailed out several replacements, which should come today or tomorrow. He's extremely helpful and very nice.