Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Blitz this past weekend...

On Saturday, I spent the day and evening involved in a board game blitz at a local pub.  I hadn't participated before but I really like the semi-competitive set-up.  There were 5 rounds of gaming and I got in some good games - Citadels, Ticket To Ride: Europe, Caylus, Can't Stop, and Egizia (which was new to me and I disliked mightily....  what a bloated mess!)  In most of the rounds, players got to choose what games they got to play in order of their current placement in the tournament starting with the lowest score and moving towards the highest, which seemed quite fair.

The upcoming dates for local Blitzes in Ontario are here.  If you're ever near one and have the afternoon free, you should try out it out.  A great way to meet new people, try out some new games, and maybe even win a prize.  I didn't place highly but I was still elated to win a draw for the 2-player tile game For The Win.  Seems appropriate.

Thanks again to GeekStop Games, Rumbletum Cafe, and Just by Chance Games for prizes.

Round 1 game options
Round 2-5 games in separate piles
Learning Havana
Dominion.  Of course.
Prize table!!!
Finished the night with a round of a prototype for Viticulture


  1. I had a similar highly negative reaction to Egiza. There are way too many different resource tracks and ways to score. It's just a mess. But, the worker placement method is GENIUS! Needing to choose between speeding down the river and taking the spaces you want is a great way to ramp up the competitive nature of worker placement. I hope that someday someone borrows this mechanism and uses it for a better game.

  2. Yeah, I agree with you completely. No game should be that complex without offering a lot of depth in return. I just wasn't feeling it. I tried Luna last night and that complicated made way more sense.

    Definitely a very clever W-P mechanic, though, but not entirely original. Totally reminds me of Knizia's super-simple set-collection game Tutankhaman.