Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Farming, farming, farming...

So I've been eyeing Uwe Rosenberg's highly rated farming game Agricola for awhile now but it just seemed too complicated to teach to my group of friends (we play a lot of Alhambra and Ticket to Ride...) That and I own Caylus and Stone Age so I'm not sure if it was necessary. Now I've been reading up on Rosenberg's Le Havre which sounds like a simpler and some say better Agricola version 2.0. Maybe I'll just go with with that one. Tom Vasel claims it is the best game of the past year. Any thoughts?

Or I suppose I could just wait for the third in Rosenberg's farming series - At the Gates of Loyang. Oh, if only money grew on trees (or in fields and pastures...)


  1. See you need to make friends or make a business relationship with a distrubutor... so you can get the sexy discount :D

  2. Are you bringing games when you visit? :)

  3. Lol I feel it is very unlikely that I would own any you don't have.. (especially as I don't need to buy them anymore I just take demo's and then give them back when I'm done. (although I really should buy the one I've had the demo for more than a year now.. meh I've sold 6 copies of the game for him though so I'm sure he doesn't mind)

  4. My wife and I love Agricola, and Le Havre is among my favorites too. My only beef is that Le Havre takes about twice as long to play (about 2 hours.)

    Agricola always has a tense, back to the wall type feel to it. Le Havre has less of that, and has more paths to victory, but every turn has many, many options and it can feel overwhelming.

    Regardless, both are GREAT games. Agricola isn't hard to learn to play, it's hard to learn to play it WELL.