Monday, June 29, 2009

Dominion wins Spiel des Jahres award!

Not a big surprise.....


  1. I think Dominion winning is the biggest possible surprise between it, Pandemic and Finca. I hadn't played Finca, but others have told me it was geared for the win, almost like they designed it for the SdJ. My money was on Pandemic because of its ease of play and short playing time. I never expected Dominion to win so it's a surprise to me.

    I am wondering if a first time author has won the award before?

  2. According to BGG, looks like the 2005 winner for Niagara, Thomas Liesching, was also a first-timer...

    Haven't played Finca but I have enjoyed Pandemic. I just think Dominion is a such a brilliant, original design that it would win on that fact alone.