Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh, Chicago Express....

Played a couple of games of Chicago Express last night with some newbies at games night. Very fun but in neither game did any one train company get even remotely close to Chicago. It was weird since in my other games Chicago was reached repeatedly, the Wabash opened, and in one of the games it was even particularly successful. I feel like we were burning through the stocks as an offensive maneuver most of the time. Hmmm. Love the game but I sure haven't come remotely close to figuring it out....

Anyone else had weird experiences with this one?

UPDATE (Oct.2, 09): How about next time I read the rules CAREFULLY... Each time an expansion action is taken, up to three hexes can be played NOT just one. Stupid me.


  1. I haven't even tried it but I ended up playing battlestar Galactica the other weekend.. very long and protracted (and confusing if you haven't seen the show). Honestly I found it frustrating... like nothing you did really helped and you were desperately trying to stay alive. I suppose that's the point.. and for a show cool but a game.. meh

  2. Chicago Express is my favorite game that I have no idea how to play. Not that I can't understand the rules (which are incredibly simple), but that I just can't figure out how to win!

    That being said, we almost always reach Chicago with at least one or two companies. It's just too profitable to ignore.

  3. I've never had a session where Chicago wasn't reached. I'm baffled how I can be completely off on who I think is winning during the game. When I've been sure I'm in the lead, I'm not going to change my strategy . . . and then I end up coming in last? It really is tough to figure out. I'm trying to decide if I want (to pay for) the expansion.

  4. Yeah, I picked up the expansion. We haven't tried it yet. But it adds another company which could prolong the game a bit so that might make it more interesting.