Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The continued Race For The Galaxy....

The fourth instalment of RFTG is arriving soon and I gotta say, I probably won't be picking it up. I haven't even played the Rebel Vs. Imperium set with conquest rules. It's a great game but I've barely played it since Dominion came out. And I haven't played that much lately, either, partially due to this lovely little card game Tichu.

With another evening of Tichu planned tonight, I imagine I will soon be writing a longer review/strategy article. Seriously, it's that good. Takes me back to my duplicate bridge days with the parents but WAY more fun and about a million times easier to get into.

Oh, and Dominion: Alchemy is out soon. I imagine I'll cough up the dough for that. Dominion: Seaside was/is pretty awesome.

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