Monday, February 8, 2010

You tell me: boardgames as art...

One blogger describes at Infarrantly Creative how she frames and hangs boards from board games as art work. I think I'd much rather hang a Cranium game than play it anyways...

What boards do you think are worthy as artwork on a wall?

(Tipped off thanks to Michaela.)


  1. I think I'd put up the Elfenland board (love Doris Matthaus!) or maybe Stone Age.

  2. shitty games don't deserve frames.. good one should never be wasted in such a way! I could see taking a photo and framing a print on the wall of some of the pretty boards though....

  3. I think the idea is you can take down the board and still play the game. It probably protects the board even more...

  4. Hmmm... definitely the board game classic, Monopoly... That would look wonderful in the middle of our living room wall, the focal point of our home! :)