Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Funny cards do not a good game make...

...especially if the games take hours. Last night, I missed games night. Normally I would be upset but I heard today that they played Munchkin. Oh darn.


  1. Yeah, my one-liners to describe Munchkin and Chez Geek are, "15 minutes of fun packed into 2 hours of game time" and "a game that is almost as fun to play as it is just to read the cards".

  2. have you guys ever played lunch money?? I heard it was good and I got it to play with the kids only to realize it's super inappropriate trying to figure out if it would be fun with adults

  3. A few years ago, someone brought Munchkin to my place. I felt obliged to play it (not knowing anything about it) since I was always making people play my games. He introduced to me as being really fun. It wasn't long into the game before I felt he was playing a joke on me. Then I realized it wasn't a joke - he really thought the game was fun. It is hard for me to describe this game, but I'll summarize and say "it's not fun."