Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gigamic rules!

Recently acquired Marrakech (in fact, just twelve days ago) as I just couldn't resist the actual felt carpets and the wooden Assam piece with his cute little red fez hat. Frustratingly, it came missing one of the yellow carpets. So after an email by me, I got a quick message back guaranteeing a little yellow carpet in the mail and complimenting me on this here bloggy thingy. Lovely.

Today the missing piece arrived in the mail at no cost to me, which I think is impressive given that Gigamic is a game company in France. They must have sent it on a magic carpet....

RELATED: Marrakech is just a delightful little game - very tactile, quick, and a little bit nasty. A review is on its way after another play or two.


  1. I definitely like the game and the piece quality is awesome. But I don't like two things:
    - If you play with less than 4 players you can't choose your colours (I believe the blue one's have less carpets than the others - unless this was a similar missing carpets mistake)
    - The game is a little on the simple side, there's not much depth to it and it often comes down to who goes last

    I think that some house rules need to be invented to make more use of the game board and pieces. Just my two Dirhams.

  2. Yeah, I like Days of Wonder for that. Extra trains in EVERY colour. I'm still pretty impressed, though, with their quick response.

    And yes, the game is simple. Totally a family game but for the 20 minutes it takes, I thought it was pretty amusing. I imagine house rules could make this one killer....


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