Monday, April 19, 2010

And on the seventh day...

...we played Eurogames.  Samarkand: Routes to Riches and Macao, to be exact.  And Samarkand was a delightful, quick little game, like Chicago Express meets Ticket to Ride (and quicker than both!)  Can't wait to play it again.

The second game of Macao was less than inspiring.  I vowed to give it another chance and I did.  There is a great game here that can be a lot of fun but it is buried beneath a bunch of poorly-written, tiny little cards that often contradict each other.  I just think someone screwed up big with this one.  The cards are hard to read, they are inconsistent (two cards do the same thing but may be worded totally different), and you just have to deal with too many of them.  You end up scanning cards over and over to see if you missed anything and the choices are too numerous.  Our second game clocked in at almost 2.5 hours.  Way too long.  But we were hunched over the table most of the time scanning stupid cards.  I'd play this again but I wish I hadn't bought it. 

I had hoped to play my review copy of Wits & Wagers Family but Macao took way too long.  Sometime this week, we'll get it on the table.  Oh, and that's Flaschenteufel in the corner there.  Got it used off someone last week for VERY cheap.  Can't wait to try it out as I've heard great things...


  1. I went to a games party this weekend.. woot and the games club too... it was a gametastic weekend.. unfortunately I had to spend most of my time teaching (and losing) all the games.. I did get to learn and play a couple of new ones though. I taught, Dominion, Blue Moon City, Settlers, and Tobago (great game!!) and I learned labyrinth (silly) and Incan gold... which was a not bad quick little game. I really want to try small world.. I have one more game to buy as a gift and I still can't decide I like Tobago... but there are so many to choose from ... darn it

  2. I just played Samarkand yesterday! Totally fun game!