Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Impressions of Marrakech...

I first heard of this game online where I saw pictures of the adorable felt rugs and wooden pieces.  What looked very much like a children's game, I was told, is actually quite a fun, little filler.  And whoever said this was right!  This game is a delightful, albeit simple, little game that actually allows for some interesting decisions throughout.

The basic premise of the game is that you are trying to lay as much carpet of yours down in an orthogonally connected group.  There is one marker for all the players (his name is Assam and he has a neat red cap!) and he moves around the board assessing the carpets. On your turn, you choose which direction he moves and then roll the dice and move him the corresponding number of spaces.  If you land on someone else's group of carpets, you must pay them according to the size of that group of carpets.  After that you lay one of your carpets adjacent to Assam, possibly covering opponent's carpets or expanding one of your own regions.  If you run out of money, you are out but I have yet to see that happen in our games.  At the end, most money and carpets on top wins.

And that's it!  You only have 12 (or 15) carpets so there is a finite number of turns, making for a quick game.  But there is a nice ramping up of tension as the board begins to fill up with your opponent's rugs.  This game actually reminds me of the inspiration for the classic Acquire, a lovely little game called Property from Sid Sackson's excellent book A Gamut of Games.  If there's any issue, I'd say it's that the strategy is tad obvious on most turns.  But because the components are so tactile, everyone who has played it really enjoyed it anyways.

So Gigamic scores big with this one, I think.  Simple, fun, and actually a bit nasty, the perfect children's game for the whole family (and my gamer friends as well).  And something you'll actually wanna show off for years to come....


  1. This game sounds good, I want to play it :)

  2. Hi Tavi *Waves*