Monday, October 11, 2010

Second play: Lords of Vegas...

Oh, yes, it's good.  In fact, it's the first American-style strategy game that I've really enjoyed despite the limited decisions and ridiculous swings of luck.  Now if only we could get the play-time down from almost 3 hours to the supposed 60 minutes it should actually take, then I'd say this was the best board game so far this year.  It's definitely the most fun.

Expect a review fairly soon...


  1. THREE HOURS!!! for a 60 min game
    wow that is a shocker. Did you find that it was due to not fully knowing rules or is it chatting and social interaction around the table. I still have this tight on my radar but until more 2player reviews come in ill be on hold with it.

  2. It's my friends. They take FOREVER!!!! They over-think everything. I'm hoping the next game will go much quicker.

    As a 2-player game, I get the feeling this game won't be as interesting. The interaction is what makes the game so exciting and there will be much less with less players.

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