Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What do you think the chances are...

...that I can get a hold of a copy of the first printing of 7 Wonders before they run out? 

I'm crossing my fingers but I still say the chances are pretty low......


  1. what is it what is it.. why should I be excited...

  2. Will this sell out? Do I need to put in a pre-order somewhere?

  3. Magda, it was #2 at Essen, sold out in half a day. Sounds like a combo of Race For The Galaxy with the hand-drafting of Fairy Tale or Citadels. Supposed to be the "Dominion" of 2010 and it plays up to 7 people quickly and easily....

  4. ooh sounds fun.... what was number one? My game guy was at Essen this year... I hate him a little :P

  5. Troyes was up there, as was Merchants & Marauders. BGG of course has all the details...

  6. geeez are you suggesting I go read these things myself?? huff :D

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