Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ah, the life of a farmer...

I haven't blogged as much lately as work is taking up all my time (egads, I sound like such an old man!)  But still the occasional game gets played.  Even yesterday after a full day at the office then teaching two classes at the gym, my friends were kind enough to hold the game of Agricola till I got there at 9:15 pm.  In the last couple months, this game has vaulted in to my top 5 games of all time.  The variety is endless and the tension is agonizing right up to the very end in EVERY game. 

I was reminded after this latest game of an awesome article I'd read a few months back by DC Gamer.  He took a picture of his farm at the end of the game and decided to write a history of the family.

An excerpt:
The fate of the entire budding family would change suddenly in the Winter of 1672 when Andrea, mother of three newborns, decided to brave a second visit to the haunted quarry. Having escaped the first visit with merely a couple crop circles to show for it, she was emboldened and grew perhaps a bit too daring. The extraterrestrial visitors mistook Andrea for Han Solo and froze her in carbonite. The family was devastated. Andrea, who had worked so hard to gather food, plow the fields, and grow her families home, was gone, shipped off to the ruthless Jabba the Hutt to serve his bidding. Never one to mourn in vain, Titus spent the remainder of the Winter building a Well in his departed wife's honor, so that he could feed the children she'd left behind. Learning from his mother's mistake, Bradford visited a more distant, but safer, quarry to gather stone for building a Joinery and a Basketmaker's Workshop so the family could build furniture out of wood and baskets out of reeds, both of which they could exchange for food during the harvest.
Gotta love the X-deck......

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