Thursday, January 27, 2011

February resolution.... play all the damn games that I own and HAVE NEVER PLAYED!!!  This includes

- Quo Vadis?
- Forbidden Island
- Serengeti
- Gloria Picktoria (the remake of the fantastic Alan Moon card game Get the Goods, which I have played)
- Magical Athlete
- Charon, Inc.

And maybe some of the good one's I only played once, like Jet Set, New England, and Yspahan.  Shame on me.


  1. Yeah, I think this is a problem we all share. I think I have about 10-15 games in my closet that I've never played and yet have about 5-7 on their way in the mail... and I might buy some at the game store, too.

  2. lol, this is why I'm so hesitant about buying games. I bought 6 all at once and then didn't get to play them for years. Even though I have a gaming group now I'm still hella hesitant to buy anything. So much so that I get teased for being the girl with the game connect (discounts and stuff) but never buys anything :P

  3. I have the same problem to some extent, but come on, Forbidden Island? It takes like 20-30 minutes AND YOU CAN PLAY IT SOLO! Get that sucker out and play it!

  4. I know, Chris, I know. I really wanna try it. My big problem is my stubborn partner REFUSES to play co-op games. He is so competitive, he wants to win or lose a game all on his own. We really need to work on that...

  5. BAH HUMBUG co-op games!!! If one existed that wasn't everyone scrambling to stay alive I might be ok with it.. but they drive me bonkers...