Monday, April 18, 2011

A day at the museum...

Okay, more like an hour and a half.  But we will definitely be back to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto very soon!  What a spectacular display of wildlife, history, and geology and we didn't have time to see even half of it.  But I did manage to find very quickly the display of 'Chinese traditional toys and games' and was pretty excited. 

Oh, and they let you take pictures.  So here's a bunch! 

Figurines of characters playing Liubo, a ancient game whose rules are lost
Descriptions for some of the pieces

Drawings of people playing games

Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) and Mahjong

A board for a simple 'roll and move' game
2000-year old Go (Weiqi) pieces

Playing cards
Another beautifully-illustrated board for a 'roll and move' game


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