Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not your mother's Monopoly....

The Geek is all abuzz over a certain Monopoly clone from the early 80s catered more to a demographic that I suppose I belong to.

I suppose the tacky stereotypes in Gay Monopoly would be pretty offensive if it hadn't been so obviously created by people were part of the club.  How can you tell?  Maybe it's the suggestive Tom of Finland artwork on the board.  Or maybe it's the fact that instead of The Parker Brothers, they called themselves The Parker Sisters.  Haha!  And the tokens crack me up, too...

Funniest comment on the Geek:
 Can merely looking at a boardgame make a person gay?

I can not speak to that particular matter. However, I do know that I played St. Petersburg once, and now all I do is bribe nobles, exploit the serfs, and finance opulent construction projects for the Czar. Then I merely saw a picture of Roads to Leningrad and felt inexorably compelled to lay siege to the city until the citizens resorted to cannibalism.

Don't get me started about the time I hovered my mouse over a religious website and became an omnipotent deity.
As always, games provide that often unnecessary reflection of real life...


  1. What's the token beside the blowdryer? That's just bizarre! Wonder where the properties are... :)

  2. Laura, er, I think that's a leather cap.... See the Village People pic here:

    (And no, I don't have one!)

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