Friday, February 10, 2012

On The Horizon: the latest Friedemann Friese project...

The ever-strange and creative inventor of Power Grid and Black Friday has decided to create a board game using mechanics from the top ten board games of all time on BGG.  That would include the worker placement from Agricola, the card purchase from Through The Ages, deck-building from Dominion, the card-drafting from 7 Wonders, turn-order from (you guessed it!) Power Grid, and the action selection from Puerto Rico.  Huh.  Okay, I'll bite.  I'm interested to see how all this comes together....

You can see him talk about his schizophrenic design here.


  1. I ordered Mammut after you brought it to my attention a little while back. Now that I have it, I've read the rules, pondered the gameplay a bit, and I'm preparing to play it tonight. I've reread your post and you said it plays unlike any game you own. Probably true for me, too, but the whole time I was reading the rules I was thinking about Ra. Do you have the Knizia classic? Any comparisions there?

  2. Oh, I just read your review of Mammut - I didn't see that one before. I only read the best of 2012 list. Ra is there.

  3. Yeah, the scoring does feel a lot like Ra. But the gameplay is so unique that scoring ends up being, well, just the scoring. I think you'll be surprised. And I hope you like it.... :S

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