Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A New Kid on the Block

I want to start off by introducing myself. My name is Daryl Andrews, and I will be joining the Death of Monopoly writing team. I recently moved into the KW area, and met Eric through some mutual board gaming friends. I am exciting about the opportunity to write about great board games and events. Please check in often, share with your friends, and leave lots of comments.

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my board game heroes. I got an email from Alan Moon. Eric & I are both big fans of Mr. Moon. He is the designer of great games like: Ticket to Ride, San Marco, Airlines Europe, Oasis, Skyline 3000, and many many more great games. The email I received included access to an annual invitation-only gaming event hosted by Alan Moon. The event started about 20 years ago, and continues to this day. The Gathering of Friends started with only a handful of guests, but now includes over 300 of the top designers, publishers, and reviewers from around the world. I have heard many prototypes & early copies of games (before they are released to the public) are tested at the event. I am honoured to be invited, and look forward to the opportunity to play many games. Also, pending permission from designers, I hope to share some sneak peeks on yet-to-be-released games. However, the event is not until April 12-21, 2013. So meanwhile, I wait...