Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz!!!! (Kitchener-Waterloo edition)

If you're near the Waterloo region of Ontario on Saturday, Sept. 29th, you should really come to the GCBGB event in Kitchener organized by DOM contributor Daryl.  I'll be there helping out as well as contributing from my ridiculous wealth of sadly underplayed games.  What is it, you say?  From the website:
The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz (GCBGB) is a circuit of board game tournaments held at Canadian game conventions and retailers. You play several rounds of games over the span of eight hours, collecting points based on your finishing rank in each game. The finals are held each summer in Toronto at Fan Expo.
Join the Facebook event page for more info the Kitchener event which is only $5 to enter in a LICENSED ESTABLISHMENT (best part!) or the main website for other times and locations throughout Canada.

Hope to see some of you there!!!


  1. damn, wish I was closer in, I would soooo be there... although I just found out Ottawa opened one in August.

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