Monday, January 28, 2013

Gunrunners on Kickstarter....

I'm trying not to get too involved in the whole Kickstarter thing due to the glut of prototypes on the site.  I've mentioned a couple games, only because I received copies beforehand and was able to get a game or two in to verify that, yes, they were play-tested and solid titles.  I do think I can break the rule on this one, though, as Steve Finn's track record is actually pretty good.  He designed Biblios a few years ago which is a short, smart little auction game that I'm happy to own a copy of.  Gunrunners seems to be along the same lines - simple, quick, and dynamic - this time using area control as the major mechanic. 

Definitely worth watching the videos as it gives you a pretty good feeling of how the game plays out.  

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