Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Live report from Snakes and Lattes....

If Snakes & Lattes wasn't already heaven, then the latest renovation just made it a little more divine.

This post is coming to you live from Snakes & Lattes. All the employees are scurrying around finishing the last touches of the renovations. Doors are set to open at 5pm. I will be sure to take some better photos in a couple hours. But for now check these two out:

As you can see, the wall between the two sides has basically been knocked down, replaced with beautiful open arches. And if you look close, you can see the new bar. It's massive! And wraps around to service more people. The bar features a classy wood finish that is sure to impress.

Also, the game wall sprawls the entire back. Also, the game wall features an alphabetic/numerical grid system for allocation of games. Should improve the ability to keep games organized and easy for players to find that game they are itching to try.

It was only a couple years ago that Snakes & Lattes open their doors to Toronto. Long gone are the days of bickering on Boardgamegeek forums about the $5 cover charge or the lack of wifi. Snakes & Lattes has bravely forged the path for board game cafes, and proven they can be a great success!

Tonight features the monthly board game designer night, organized by Stephen Sauer (a close friend of mine). Always a great way to check out new games in the pre-published state.

However, tonight is especially special. Beyond the typical board game designer night, Snakes & Lattes has recruited Stephen Conway & David Coleson (hosts from the board game podcast thespiel.net) to run the first ever SpielFest! Tonight features a screening of the documentary "Made For Play". Tomorrow will feature games, prizes, and the first ever live podcast of thespiel!

Keep checking the website for more pictures and information.

- Daryl Andrews


  1. Wait, this is a real place? That is absolutely brilliant. I want one of those in St. Louis. I'm intrigued by the cover charge. My first instinct was that I would gladly play a cover charge for such a great gaming environment. But my second reaction was that I could support the store by buying games and buying drinks. The problem there is that there are going to be plenty of people who don't buy anything and just use the space. I wonder if hybrid approach would be to charge a $5 fee to get in the door, but with that fee you get a credit for a free drink or $5 off a game that they buy. That way you're ensuring that they spend the money you need them to spend to keep the doors open.