Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tabletop Day, March 30th!

If you haven't seen the TableTop videos on YouTube, you should try taking a look at their channel here.  It stars Wil Wheaton (yes, of ST: TNG fame - and who we saw at Origins last year) and Felicia Day, who is well known among fanboy circles for her work on Dr. Horrible and The Guild.

On each episode, they play through a modern board game and then subsequently the game sells out across North America and the game company is quite happy (this is partially why I couldn't find a damn copy of Pandemic this past Christmas).  I imagine they now get sent a LOT of review copies....

Anyways, on March 30th, they've declared it TableTop Day, a day across North America where people get together at local board game shops, libraries, and friends' houses to, yes, play lots of games.  And despite the mild bit of hubris it takes to declare a special day after your own web series, it still will be kind of cool if it brings more people into the hobby and more events to your FLGS.

Check out the video below for more details.

I'm totally not famous at all, but a 'Death Of Monopoly' day could be fun, too.  People could trade in copies of Monopoly for real board games donated by companies and then we could play them around campfires made from the burning of old boards and Monopoly money.

Burning Monopoly money...  boy, that would make me feel so rich.