Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Current favourite dice game:  King of Tokyo.  I hesitated  to buy it last year and now I don't know why - it's King of The Hill meets Yahtzee with a bunch of crazy super-powers thrown in.  Too, too much fun.  Oh, and the art design is spectacular.  Here's a bunch of pictures with shouting captions....

The King and Gigazaur!!!!  SMASH!!!!

Alienoid!!!!  LAZERS!!!!!

Even bigger!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!

Pandakai!!!  Killing with cuteness!!!!  FROM THE EXPANSION!!!!


Card sleeves are AWESOME!!!!!!!

Mayday Games was kind enough to offer up some card sleeves for us to try out.  They happened to fit perfectly with KoT and they work like a charm, especially with this game where you only shuffle at the start.  Highly recommended if you're like us and beer and wine often gets spilled on things.  And King of Tokyo is totally a spilled beer kinda game!


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