Monday, June 24, 2013

Randolph Pub in Montreal

Last week I got the pleasure of visiting Randolph Pub in Montreal. It was the last item on my long list of must-do things in Montreal. Well you know what they say, save the best for last! And I did. 
Originally, I had plans to visit Randolph pub with a few different friends while in Montreal. However, they all seemed to fall through for a variety of reasons. However, my amazing wife offered to go with me instead. No offence to the others, but this was an upgrade in my books. 

We arrived shortly after 4pm, when the doors open to this board game paradise. The pub already had a few people playing games & enjoying the happy hour specials. I bumped into Justin, one of the four owners, and he was gracious enough to show me around the place. Justin explained some of the history of the establishment and showed me the numerous improvements they keep adding to Randolph pub. The picture above shows Justin in the newly renovated upstairs space. With the new bench seating, and the high end air conditioner installed, the upstairs space can now comfortably handle an additional 100 customers beyond the the main floor of the pub. 

Tanya & I enjoyed some delicious food and drinks. Tanya had a yummy Quiche with salad, and a Pop Shoppe cola. I must confess, I love Pop Shoppe, as its from London, ON and I lived many great years there. I enjoyed a delightful panani sandwich with tortilla chips, and a smooth St. Ambroise Scotch beer.  

I had a great date night with my wife at Randolph Pub. We ended up staying for about 4 hours and enjoyed some good food, drinks, and fun. We managed to play Roll N Bump, Cinque Terre, Augustus, & Qwixx (a home made copy as the game is not released in N. America yet). The staff were very helpful, recommending/teaching us a variety of games. Overall, a fantastic example of what every board game cafe/pub should and can be.