Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First plays: Targi....

I love a good strategic 2-player game that I can carry with me wherever I go - Lost Cities and Roma being prime examples of these.  One particular week in Cuba with my partner a couple years ago was filled with games beside the pool and ocean.  Ah, magic.   So I was definitely open to playing Targi at Origins this year after the buzz I'd heard about this game from the Kosmos 2-player line.  Unfortunately I was extraordinarily hung over when I tried it so maybe not the best first impression.  Fast forward to 2 nights ago and Vince and I sat down for a game.  And what a game! Quick-moving but meaty, this game takes a good hour to play and seems to have quite some interesting strategies.

The actions
It really is a worker-placement game but with a positional twist:  the first 3 workers you place determine where in the grid your last 2 workers will land.  It's a simple interesting mechanic that really elevates this game to something new.  As well, as you build your grid of tribe cards, many of them allow you to break certain rules in the game or provide end-game points.  The strategies and combinations from these seem endless given the number of tribe cards that will show up in any one game.

Tribe cards
Definitely looking forward to exploring this little gem more.


  1. Partner has officially requested to play this again... WINNER!

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