Thursday, August 28, 2014

FanExpo 2014...

If you're in the Toronto area this weekend and find yourself attending the massive FanExpo convention downtown, make sure you stop in and say hello.  On Friday, my co-blogger Daryl and I will be volunteering at the Z-Man Games section in the board game room 718.  I'll be helping to teach Pandemic and the adorable and violent Krosmaster Arena.

And if you're around Friday night or Saturday afternoon, you should definitely sign up for the Pandemic: Survival competition.  Multiple players playing the exact same game - card order, etc.  Basically Pandemic played like Duplicate Bridge.  What an awesome idea.

The rest of the weekend I'll be manning the My Pet Skeleton booth in artist alley so come say hello and check out some of my hubby's amazing artwork.

Or even sign your butts up for the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz with my friend Ray on Sunday afternoon if you're looking for something to do.  It's running across the street from the convention centre at the Royal York Hotel.  So many options!!!!!


  1. Coach Factory is a douche!

    Have fun at Fan Expo! Hey, didn't we give you pandemic... that makes me almost a little bit famous! ;) I love that you used the word "hubby" in your post, btw, that makes my heart sing!

    1. Yep, got rid of all those junk comments. Clearly I need to read my comments sections more often!

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