Friday, February 13, 2009

Dominion in the Dominican? (or a geek on the beach...)

So I am happy to say that in two days I am off to the Dominican Republic for some well-needed R&R, thanks to a very generous Santa Claus (aka my partner). Although I plan to explore the area, swim in the Carribean, and read some trashy novels, I also hope to get some games in as well. Why not? I'm on vacation.
Question is, what to bring? Dominion is outta the question as the mere thought of the 500 cards getting all mixed up makes my little heart quiver. I'm nervous enough about the flight there, let alone the thought of one of my games getting disorganized... Although, I should clarify: Dominion was a Christmas gift for Vince, so technically it is HIS game (of which he reminds me frequently).

Well then, my first choices are from the Kosmos' 2-player card game line....

My first choice, Lost Cities ( is a classic - a tricky little game of bluffing and pushing your luck that any rummy player would enjoy.

The next game, Blue Moon (, is a new game to me and another Christmas gift. I've only played twice and quite enjoyed it, and I'm excited to plumb its depths. Interestingly, both this and Lost Cities were invented by Reiner Knizia, one of the most prolific game designers alive today.

This third game is one of V's faves so I better not forget it. Odin's Ravens ( is an interesting race game which allows you to rearrange the race track to speed you up or slow down your opponent.

I know, I know, Settlers is an over-played piece of crap IMHO but the 2-player Catan Card Game ( is a surprisingly amusing game and one that we haven't played in a long time.

Finally, I'm gonna sneak last year's favourite Race For The Galaxy ( into the suitcase. Vince has refused to play this since we got Dominion, and so here's the chance to revisit this brilliant game.

See you in a couple weeks!

Latest Dominion Strategy: Buying Chapel cards early to prune your deck of excess Estate cards as soon as possible and then getting rid of said Chapels with the Chapel card.

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