Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Must... have... more...Dominion.. cards....

So if you haven't played Dominion yet, you should. It's probably the best game of last year and the most original of the last five. It's easy to learn and play, loads of fun and frustration, and totally different each round (which only take about 30 minutes). This game has probably seen 30+ plays in the last month which is unheard of with me. We are officially obsessed and NEED MORE ACTION CARDS.

Rio Grande Games just announced two new cards in March, a new set of 25 in April or May, and 25 more in the fourth quarter. Question is, can we wait that long?


  1. I can't wait!!!
    I wanted them last week!

    The game is sooo much fun.
    What I love about is that it has so many action cards so every time you deal out the 10 cards, most likely they are going to be different than the previous games you've played.

    Every Time I've played the game I pick a strategy after looking at the action cards and I stick to it until the end of the game. There is no time to change strategies mid way, except if you notice you are loosing very bad just start screwing everybody else over. That's why the made the Attack cards.

    Give them curses, steal their gold, Militia their asses so they can't afford anything.

    I LOVE IT!!!!