Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A little competition....

Yesterday, Vince and I were taken out for dinner. We had a competition with a couple of very good friends of ours, a straight couple we usually play board games with. Each game we scored according to our placement - winner getting 4 down to loser getting 1 - and totalled it up, gays vs. straights.

The gays won. And our reward was a dinner out. The competition for February pits the 'Primates vs. the Trophy Wives'. And in case it's not clear, Natalie and I are the Trophy Wives.

Here's a picture of 'Wasabi', one of the great games we played (Yes, it is a game about making sushi rolls with various ingredients. Awesome...)

Latest Dominion Strategy: Using the Remodel card to turn crappy Curse cards in your deck into game-winning Estates.


  1. ... uh I don't get it.... whazzis game?

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