Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Gathering of Friends

Okay, so the Gathering of Friends has been this event going on for the last almost 20 years. Alan R. Moon, the brilliant inventor of amazing games like Elfenland and the Ticket to Ride series, hosts a week long event of board gaming. It is attended by game inventors and well known friends around the world. So I expect I will NEVER get invited anytime soon but I can still dream...

The drool-inducing reports are out on the net and BoardgameNews has a great list of them here. Lots of great new upcoming releases are listed including Martin Wallace's new game Automobile and Moon's 2009 remake of Union Pacific, a great, great game that I have stored somewhere.



    Get invited into that game... dude you never know if you try you just might get it! :) You wouldn't believe the people who I write to and they reply :D