Monday, April 6, 2009

On the radar (i.e. soon to be bought...)

Not too much to mention at the moment so I'll just tell you what is currently on my wish-list...

Castle For All Seasons is a cross between Stone Age and a game like Race For The Galaxy. Except the roles interact like Cathedrals. Um, sounds REALLY good to me and this one is actually already available. I'm just waiting for a paycheque....

Excape (a reprint of Exxtra) is a push-your-luck game with dice. And it's invented by Reiner Knizia. Yeah, pretty much guaranteed to be really, really good. Also now available (MONEY! I NEED MONEY!!!)

Also, Days of Wonder has a new release this year, Small World, a remake of the game Vinci which I have never played. I have, however, thoroughly enjoyed History of The World which is a similar game. Unfortunately, HOTW takes 4-5 hours. Small World should give you the same feeling in about 60 minutes. And expect the amazing components that come in every Days of Wonder game (they are the publishers of Ticket to Ride.)

Oh yeah, and Dominion: Intrigue. 'Nuff said.

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  1. Hmm... you know what, I'm thinking that your "cool, slightly off-beat, but worldly younger brother" persona is just a ruse. You're actually just a big, embarassing geek! :P