Thursday, April 16, 2009

The new free(-ish) Dominion cards...

I should really change the title of this blog to but, oh well, here goes anyways....

The Black Market

Loads of fun and adds a nice injection of randomness to the choices in the game. Also nice as it helps differentiate the strategies of the different players during the round.

Basically, one copy of each of all the action cards not currently in the round are placed in a face-down pile, the Black Market. When someone plays the Black Market, they can draw the top three cards and immediately purchase one with two extra coins (on top of their usual buy).

Now this makes it interesting. Every card is now possibly available to play and add to your deck. The combinations can now possibly be ridiculous complex without the game spiraling out of control. If you don't like the three cards you draw, the Black market just gives you two extra coins for your regular buy.

Seriously fun to play with although it seems to increase the round length a bit. Can't wait for the sequel as I think this is a preview of how the new cards will behave....

The Envoy

An interesting card, somewhat like the Smithy meets the Library, maybe? You flip 5 cards from your deck and the player on your left makes you discard one. You get the rest in your hand.

Found it useful and useless depending on the point in the round. Definitely not as useful as something like the Adventurer but if you flip right you can get a whole mess of good cards (I saw a few provinces go this way...) When combined with a card giving you more actions this seems like it could be deadly.

Maybe not as interesting as the Black Market addition but it still adds some more interaction to the game and is yet another way to mix up the setup. And for the price, worth every penny...

Latest Dominion Strategy:
How about buying the Witch from the Black Market? That's right, getting the only Witch card in the game... DELICIOUS.

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