Sunday, May 24, 2009

"The dog ate my board game!"

Played a new game a friend brought over tonight - Hollywood Blockbuster by Reiner Knizia. Have to say I was quite disappointed. I found the auction mechanic way too tedious to hold a game of that length. I also found the rules had way too many "ifs" and "buts" and I found it to be overcomplicated for a game that simple and dull. Oh well, still a huge Knizia fan. I'll have to go play a game of Blue Moon City to make myself feel better.

Sadly, the game was new and a piece fell on the floor. Our puppy promptly chewed it to bits. Guess the dog didn't like it either...


  1. How many players did you have? That might make a difference. It's way too hard to win anything with five players. Four works really well as does three. I find the game fun and being able to plan ahead for upcoming auctions is unique and a nice contrast to Ra.

  2. I told you!!!! Cute but not to be trusted :)

  3. I've agreed to try it one more time. The game just felt very similar to many other games I've played before. We played with four (the other three loved it).

    And Mags, yes, he's the devil.