Friday, May 1, 2009

Tetris + Bingo = $#&@-loads of fun!

Okay, here's the latest obsession....

Ravensburger has just released Fits and it is available as an import. In this game everyone has the same set of Tetris-style shapes and a slanted board. Everyone places one starting tile and then the game begins. A card with a picture of one of the tiles is flipped and everyone has to place that tile at the top of their board and let it slide down into place. Unlike Tetris, once you pick the orientation of a tile, it can't be turned. So players end up playing the exact same pieces but with different starting tiles. The game plays in four rounds with different boards in each round and each board offers goals like extra points for leaving bonus spaces open or covering matching pairs of symbols. Sound like fun?

Why am I really excited about this? Well, first, it was the most played game at the Gathering of Friends that happened this past month. Secondly, the mechanics are reminiscent of Take It Easy, another classic game that scores big with everyone I know. Most importantly, though, is that it was invented by Reiner Knizia, the creator of great gamers' games like Taj Mahal, Modern Art, and Tigris & Euphrates and ridiculously fun family games like Pickomino, Blue Moon City, and Ingenious. This is pretty much a guarantee.

Copies are sold out across North America. Thank goodness I caught one of the last two that were available off It's in the mail as we speak.. :D