Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Updated artwork and info for Wits & Wagers...

Just got a message from the designer of Wits & Wagers letting me know that the box art has actually been updated for the latest editions - see above (I had commented that the artwork was "fugly" in this post.) Apologies to them... Now you have all the the more reason to go pick up a copy of this great award-winning party game.

As well, for those who already own W&W, the first expansion pack will be unveiled this summer and available for purchase in September. Exciting...

Also, if you are able to make it to Origins Game Fair or Gen Con this year, the designers will be handing out some special promo cards for the game. Sigh. Anyone wanna buy me a plane ticket?


  1. Eric,

    Thanks for posting the non-fugly artwork for Wits & Wagers, as well as covering the pre-release of the Expansion Pack. You are the first person to cover it!

    What, no link to North Star Games in your "great game companies and publishers" list?

    LOL, just kidding about that. Thanks a lot for the coverage.

    Public Relations Director
    North Star Games