Friday, July 3, 2009

A very dry summer....

I am in the final throes of my master's thesis (one week to go!) and not only am I not playing many games but I can't really afford to buy many games. Ugh. I walked into my FLGS and stared longingly at the 63 dollar "Le Havre" box knowing I only had enough to purchase "Wits & Wagers" for 30. Sigh. I have a dinner party to go to tomorrow so that's a reasonable excuse, I guess, to buy yet another game.

Thank goodness my neighbors are buying Dominion: Intrigue. Don't think I could wait until my new job starts in September to buy and play it... On the plus side, I'm heading home to BC the beginning of August and I always bring an empty suitcase when I go. The majority of my old collection (including Union Pacific and Samurai) is stored there in a friend's basement so I always come back to Ontario with a suitcase full of great games just aching to be played again.

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