Monday, July 13, 2009

First plays of Dominion: Intrigue...

So I made the friends we always play Dominion with buy the copy of Intrigue. Makes sense that they would own it so we could play at either place. We got three games in the other night and I must say that despite its issues, it is quite the improvement!

I love the choices the new cards give (see here to take a look at the new cards) . Play of the hand is much more subtle and enjoyable but still relatively fast-paced. The interaction is much stronger and way more vicious which makes for a great game. The Saboteur is brutal beyond words and the Swindler seemed pretty nasty as well. So the new action cards really jack up the nastiness (although the Torturer seemed pretty weak). As well, there are now victory cards that double as action cards so suddenly you aren't filling your deck with useless crap when you buy points. I like that. The Great Hall seems like a must buy no matter what.

There are some issues, though. Certain cards seem like original Dominion action cards for the same price but with a slightly better action. Take for instance the Ironworks. It's basically the Workshop with a bonus of card, action, or coin. This means if we combine both sets and these two come out, the Workshop will be useless. I don't like that. This is only the second expansion so you'd expect the card choices to still be fairly distinct from the originals.

Will probably give more details as more rounds are played. I definitely went to sleep that night thinking of the possible card combos. Can't wait to play some more...

Latest Dominion: Intrigue Strategy: Watch the player to your left. If they are buying lots of action/victory cards like the Great Hall, buy Tributes. You will get both bonuses if they flip up the dual cards....


  1. Ironworks costs 1 more then workshop, making workshop a much better card in most situations. If you buy an ironworks you're probably better off just buying a 4 cost card directly. Ironworks won't make workshop obsolete.

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