Friday, July 17, 2009

Race For The Galaxy losing its shine....

Managed to play a couple rounds of Race on Wednesday night. I still quite enjoy the play of the game but the subtleties have stopped emerging for me. That night I did well the first round and won the second but I always just end up playing the colours game. First round I got New Sparta so I just started collecting more and more military. Got the military bonus cards and scored pretty big. Second round got some green planets with shipping so I just started collecting green bonuses with the contact specialist. Won that one, too, thanks to some huge green 6-dev cards.

I dunno. I seem to have hit a wall with this one. It's fun so I'll happily play it but I find so much depends on the cards you draw and I think I had a lucky night. Or maybe we're just hooked on Dominion now and RFTG has lost its glow (although they are pretty different).

LATEST DOMINION: INTRIGUE STRATEGY: Loving the Scout card. It lets you pick up Great Halls to keep and play them. Also awesome when combined with the Secret Chamber or the Cellar from the old deck...

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