Saturday, October 17, 2009

Middle Earth Quest FAIL....

So my brother's in town for a visit and I gave him his birthday gift: Middle Earth Quest from Fantasy Flight Games. Last night we cracked 'er open for a try. The board is so massive that it didn't fit completely on our table but we set it up somehow anyways and my bro started plodding through the 40 pages of rules. About 2 hours into gameplay (plus an hour of setup), I was still only about one space away from my starting space and not even close to finishing my starting quest. I was swearing to him that the game was broken. So we go back to the rulesbook. Oh. Moving from location to location only costs ONE card of that symbol type, NOT the printed number on that symbol. The printed number indicates the number of ANY cards you can play to use that path. Sigh. So we aborted the game 3.5 hours in. Try again tomorrow....

Glad I'm not the only one who messes up explaining fundamental rules (yeah, I'm talking about you, Chicago Express!)

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  1. Oh I hate that.. I've taken to having the rules on hand and on not my turn I study them like there is a test looking for details we may have missed.. Sigh that first play is always a little painful when no one has played it before though.