Friday, October 2, 2009

The Mysterious Creator of "Dominion"...

In my excitement at the upcoming release of Dominion: Seaside, I thought I'd mention a little Dominion trivia floating around the geek....

Officially, the creator of Dominion is a guy by the name of Donald X. Vaccarino. Yet only a small picture has ever surfaced of the man and he hasn't really been seen at a lot of conventions (so I've heard). He didn't even show for the Spiel des Jahres award ceremony this year which was quite the big deal. In fact, his BGG Designer profile states:

"Donald X. was born in 1969, after years of not existing. Of his life, little is known. Donald X. is like something you've forgotten that no-one wants you to remember. He's everything and nothing, but not at the same time. If you rotate Donald X. 360 degrees, he'll only be standing upside down. You have to rotate him 720 degrees to get him back where he started. You know how if you hook tons and tons of computers together, maybe they'll develop some kind of bizarre mass sentience? That's Donald X. in a nutshell. In fact Donald X. is nothing more than a corrupt, profane monument to a slightly earlier version of himself."

Weird. Some still say Valerie Putman and Dale Yu, the main developers of Dominion, are really the people behind the curtain and that Vaccarino doesn't really exist (although Rio Grande's Jay Tummelson convincingly denies it).

Dominion intrigue, indeed!

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