Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quick thoughts on Atlantis strategy...

Seriously, this great new game has gotten tons of plays in the last couple weeks as it is quick, fun, and has a surprising amount of depth despite the chaos. Some thoughts:

- Rush one marker to the end to draw more cards earlier in the game. But don't rush in the last half of the board, maybe slow down and grab some of the big tiles.

- Grab some small tiles early so you don't have to use cards to pay for water crossings. Paying in cards is 1-1 with points but cripples your choices horribly until one of your men gets to the mainland.

- Leapfrog off your opponents to get to the good tiles of the same colour as tiles that are closer.

- In a 4-player game, get your guys off Atlantis ASAP. In a 3-player game, you have a bit more breathing room.

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