Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top games of the year...

I can't say that I've played all the games released this year (or even a tenth of them) so these are very much a personal thing dependent completely on my own collection of games.

Most Played Game of 2009: Dominion

This one was easy. We played nothing else from January to April. Too much fun and far too addictive. Intrigue was hit or miss but we are enjoying exploring Seaside.

Honorable Mentions: Alhambra and Acquire

These classics saw a lot of table time in our group this year.

Favourite New Game of 2009: Endeavor

This one was tough. I acquired a lot of great games this year but many didn't come out in 2009. Sometimes games take a few years to catch on. But Endeavor is fantastic. Relatively easy to learn, lightning fast to play, and loaded with tons of depth and strategy. Great fun and a near-perfect heavyweight Eurogame.

Honorable Mention: Tobago

This lovely family game provided us with the most unique gaming experience in years. It's fun, beautiful, and really makes you feel like you're exploring an island for hidden treasures. And it's surprisingly tactical, too!


  1. I'm still making up my mind about the best games of 2009, but both Endeavor and Tobago are on the short list.

  2. Acquire has had a good resurgeance in my group as well. Classic indeed. Tobago is great as well played a few times. We found Pack & Stack & Korsar to be our favourite filler games this year.

    I picked up a couple older games (Raj and Evo) which have also been getting some play time.

  3. Raj. Classic and so simple. Evo, I played once and it was quite fun.

    I gotta pick up Pack and Stack...

  4. Don't forget Korsar! :) Along with it's sister Thor, these games (in their cigar boxes) look cool, play well with up to 6 or 8, are quick and are easy to learn!

    Tried Agricola for the first time yesterday. Meh. If I'm going to play a "make-your-own-engine" game I'd rather play St Petersburg.