Monday, December 7, 2009

Super quick review of Atlantis

Great little game! The goal is to move your dudes to the mainland and gather as much treasure as you can along the way. But the path sinks behind you and the more water you have to cross the more treasures you may have to leave behind. The rules are posted here. All I can say is that this is a big hit with us. Simple clear rules but tons of room for clever tactical play. Relatively short (30-45 minutes) but lots of room for some small long-term thinking (rush my guys to the end or leave a few behind to gather treasures... Hmmmm.....). And most of all - TONS of nasty interaction. Oh, and it's quite pretty, especially when everything really starts to sink....


  1. how was it price wise?

  2. Cheap! About 25 bucks here and totally worth it. So easy to teach but lots of strategy and tactics...