Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Canada...

Alright, I think it's pretty clear how much I despise the game Monopoly (consider the title of the blog you are perusing...) And yet they STILL keep making new versions. Gah! Cat-opoly, Hockey-opoly, you name it, they've done it. What it makes me feel like playing is "Punch myself in the face"-opoly.

But you can't stop progress, right? (Or is that sales?) So against my better judgment, I direct you to the website for the upcoming Monopoly Canada Edition. They are deciding on the best Canadian cities to use and you can vote for your favourite Canadian city to be on the new board.

I've a feeling Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa will be on there but perhaps with enough votes you might see a Red Deer, a Brandon, or even my hometown of Prince George, British Columbia. Oh, the excitement is killing me.


  1. I just died a little on the inside. Let's move past this and discuss good games :) Tried Vegas Showdown for the first time this past weekend. I like it! Will have to play again sometime soon. Shorter (about an hour) Euros and Gambling together at last!?! Sign me up!

  2. I've heard it's great. Crappy components but solid gaming...